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Wynns Lead Substitute

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Wynns Lead Substitute

Wynn’s Lead Substitute is a treatment with dual action for petrol engines:
• Protects the valve seats and reduces their wear when using unleaded petrol.
• Preserves the fuel when stored in a tank for a long time, when the engine is put out of service for a long period or at irregular use, e.g. LPG engines, motorbikes, lawn mowers, yachts, outboard engines of pleasure boats, etc.

  • Forms a protective and lubricating coating on the valves and valve seats, just like the one built-up by lead in leaded petrol.
  • Protects the soft valve seats against premature wear when using unleaded petrol (prevents formation of micro welding).
  • Prevents degradation of the fuel in the tank when the engine is put out of service for several months.
  • Protects the fuel against oxidation.
  • Prevents deposit formation in the tank and filter caused by oxidation products.
  • Eases starting of the engine after a period of extended shutdown.
  • Is safe for the catalytic converter.
  • Is completely soluble in petrol.
  • Does not influence the octane number.