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Jenolite Rust Remover Gel

Our Price: £4.99
Jenolite Rust Remover Gel
  • This concentrated, non-drip gel is the ideal choice for treating small areas of rust or corrosion. It’s perfect for use on cars (particularly the under body and cavities), bikes, household appliances, tools and gardening equipment.
  • You can also use JENOLITE gel/jelly to get rid of rust spots off chrome plating, prior to lacquering or polishing. Quick and easy to use, you can repaint your rust-free metal just 30 minutes after applying the rust remover gel.
  • This product also helps to protect items from rusting in the first place.
  • No garage should be without this handy 40mg tube of rust remover, bought to you by JENOLITE -Europe’s oldest and most reliable rust removal and rust converter brand.