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G3 Professional Scratch Remover from

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G3 Professional Scratch Remover from

G3 PERMANENT Scratch Remover Paste & Liquid, the coarsest of our 3 ‘restore’ compounds, does not contain fillers to temporarily mask scratches. Instead they use a gentle blend of Engineered Diminishing Abrasives (EDAs) to remove them permanently, meaning they won’t come back after just a few washes.

During use, the EDAs break down and reduce in size before finally turning into a smooth polishing fluid. After use, try using G3 Colour Restorer for a flawless, showroom finish.It’s the reason why G3 PERMANENT Scratch Remover Liquid, once again, won the title of Best Scratch Remover in the 2016 Auto Express Product Awards.The main use of G3 Pro Scratch Remover is to eliminate or diminish the look of deep scratches. Especially on black surfaces, minor scratches, swirl marks or fading can occur. To eliminate these use G3 Pro Paint Renovator or Colour Restorer for perfectly restored paintwork.